Fancybox 1.3.4 Redux

So Fancybox has got to be one of the most popular jQuery lightbox scripts and its not hard to see why, its easy to customise, takes nearly any form of content you can throw at it, its resizes automatically and it looks good.

One of the main problems I had was every time I needed to use Fancybox I was constantly getting rid of CSS so I could style the lightbox easier and deleting un-used images, so I decided to modify the code and have a clean slate to start from each time.


The original Fancybox supports IE6 and up with full CSS support, this adds extra CSS with the filters and IE specific fixes but also has multiple div’s added to make the box-shadow outside the lightbox. What I have done is delete all the IE specific CSS, clean the script to not append the unused div’s, add the iframe bug fix and best of all make use of CSS3 (box-shadow and border-radius).

Feel free to download the modified package and be sure to checkout for set-up and options.

Demo Download

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