Want to learn SASS, LESS or CoffeeScript

With all the buzz surrounding pre processors lately its easy to be scared off from integrating them into your workflow but you don’t have to be, enter CodeKit

CodeKit is a Mac only application that is simple to use, you wont need to look at the command line, it automatically refreshes Safari and Chrome, includes image optimisation and file compression, and offers support for Sass, Less, Stylus, Haml and CoffeeScript.

Best of all its only $20, with the amount of time this saves you will make that back in the first 30 minutes of using it.

Combining CodeKit with Sublime Text 2 is a match made in heaven and I have already watched my production increase since switching to the tools.

Chris Coyer over at CSS Tricks has posted a really good screen cast to help you get started and its really worth a look

Get Yourself Preprocessing in Just a Few Minutes


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